DVD Authoring Services

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PLR Studios offers limited services in professional DVD authoring. We use professional grade computer equipment along with top DVD encoding software to ensure the quality of our productions.

We convert your home movies from VHS, VHS-C, Video CD or other formats to DVD with a variety of basic or custom menus to choose from. The DVD standard allows for playback of high quality MPEG or MPEG2 video. MPEG2 supports 'chapter points' providing the ability to skip instantly to specific positions in the video.

Using DVD technology, PLR Studios helps put your memories to music by converting your commercial prints, digital photos or action video to a quality music video on DVD. Preserve your memories with custom original music compositions or the music of your choice. Our authoring specialist will provide you with a finished DVD that looks and plays great.

PLR Studios does not offer DVD Duplication services at this time.

Blu-Ray Authoring is not yet available. However, will be available in the future.

Contact us for rates and project details.