Event Services

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PLR Studios is happy to help you commemorate and record an upcoming event. Whether the event is held indoors or in the great outdoors, we can provide portraits or candid images to capture the event as it unfolds.

Events that take place outdoors can afford ample opportunity for large group portraits and intimate candid images. Depending on the nature of the event we can provide group portraits or various images throughout the course of an event. Indoor events can be documented using a fixed "studio" setup or by employing on-camera flash to capture events as they happen.

Regardless of the type of event, we provide the right skills, lighting, camera equipment, and eye for both spontaneity and detail that can produce exceptional memorable images of your event.

Please contact us to discuss your event photography needs in more detail.

Please see our rates section for pricing information.


School and University Events:

Proms, homecomings, spring balls and graduations are always the highlight of the year. Months of preparation go into making them memorable. PLR Studios understands this and is ready and willing to help capture the emotions of the enchanting evening, digitally or on film.

Our photographer(s) set up a mini studio at your graduation or prom. However, PLR Studios has found it best for backdrops to be provided by the decorating committee of the event. This allows for backdrops to be incorporated into the theme for the evening and reflected in the photographs.

Subjects will have one or two pictures taken as proofs; this can be alone, as a couple or in a group. One picture will be selected for print. A selection of packages will be available at the event for the subject to choose from. Payment for packages will be required at the time of photo taking.

All photographs ordered are professionally printed on quality photographic paper. Photos are delivered to your school after the event once processing is complete. The organizing committee is responsible for distributing the photographs.


Private Events:
    • Parties
    • Sweet 16
    • Baby Showers


Community Events:
    • Fashion Shows
    • Sporting Events