Portrait Services

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PLR Studios offers numerous professional portrait photography options to meet your individual, family, group, child, business, organization or modeling portrait needs. We can provide indoor, outdoor, studio (If requested. See next section), and location portraits. Whether you wish to have a formal portrait or wish to capture a more informal mood, we will be happy to work with you to accomplish your portrait goals.

All photographs ordered are professionally printed on quality photographic paper and sent out by post, hand delivery or pickup.

Our goal is to make your portraits a wonderful and extraordinary representation of your inner self and we will be happy to undertake any effort to accomplish this goal.

PLR Studios does not own a studio, but the photographers have access to one, if the need arises. Most of our photography is done on-location (indoors or out), carrying our studio equipment with us.

We believe a portrait turns out the best when a relaxed and spontaneous relationship is established between the portrait photographer and the portrait subject. Whether your portraits are taken in a studio, in your home, or at some beautiful outdoor location, we work hard to ensure everyone enjoys the experience of taking an outstanding professional portrait.

We also can arrange for professional makeup services should you wish to take advantage of this additional services. It is completely optional but is available should you decide to utilize it for a special portrait.

All on-location portraits require a setup and sitting fee (See our rates section for details).

PLR Studios has always had a unique creative premise to let the reality of the moment define the image, not the photographer's direction. With this approach, your child is free to play in the park, jump on the bed, etc. at any location of your choice. This patient, quiet photographic process begins as soon as the child becomes distracted and forgets that the photographer is there. This is when we produce our best images.

All photographs ordered are professionally printed on quality photographic paper and sent out by post, hand delivered or pickup.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your portrait requirements and to arrange for a free portrait consultation.