Model Portfolio Services

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Models have unique photographic needs. To be a great model requires really great photographs. Images of this quality and character are hard to come by. It takes a special cooperative spirit between model and photographer to achieve these special images. This cooperative approach to creating quality professional images is our preferred method for helping you get vibrant professional images.

The specific goals of the model normally dictate the poses and images to be produced, but there are some commonly requested images. These include close-up pictures of the face, head and shoulder images, and half to three-quarter body pictures. Full length images are also commonly requested.

Prior to your event, an informal consultation at some public location away from our studios is held to start the planning process. This helps avoid work distractions and helps to establish a relaxed environment in which the model can explain his or her goals, and in which the model and photographer can work together to devise specific strategies to achieve those goals. This off-site session is generally held in a coffee shop, cafe, park or other public location and typically lasts about an hour. You are of course free to bring along anyone else you wish.

We normally book at least a 90 minute portrait session for model images. This provides plenty of time for clothing changes and for different lighting and posing options.

If you would like to take advantage of our makeup consultant the appropriate arrangements will be made. The cost will be included in the total package cost and will be laid out up front. This helps to ensure you are not paying inflated prices for professional cosmetic treatments.

The only people who will know about the portfolio session are you, the photographer, our makeup artist (standard unless otherwise agreed) and anyone else you may have told. If you would feel comfortable having another person present, then by all means ask them along. It is important that you feel completely relaxed and safe during the photo session. We ask that you consider the amount of space available for the photo session and ensure there is enough room for you, your guests, any props or furnishing that will appear in the photos, the photographer, makeup artist and the photo equipment.